Download Google Camera App For all Android Device Without Root

Google Pixel devices are best in the world when it comes to the camera. You have noticed that even with a single camera setup on the back, they click and produce far better picture than the so-called Tripple & Quad camera phones.

The whole magic lies in Google’s special AI algorithms and general coding wizardry which helps the phone in clicking a very clear, bright and sharp picture in any situation.

So, what it means that if you can get Pixel’s camera software, then you can get the same experience of clicking pictures on your own smartphone. No matter it is a flagship or an Rs. 5,000 phone.

However, it has been never easy for everyone to install and get the experience of the latest Google camera apk on their smartphone.

But all thanks to the hard-working developer over XDA who has been creating Google camera port for every possible android devices.

So, now you can get the same Google camera app that comes inbuilt with Pixel devices on almost any android device without rooting your phone.

How to Install Google Camera Mod on Any Android Phone

In order to install Google camera app on all the android devices, Your device should have Camera2 API enabled.

So, what is camera2APi?

In simple words, it is a framework that allows the developer to obtain access to the camera hardware. It was introduced at the Google I/O 2014 with Android lollipop launch.

These days many mid-range and flagship smartphones come camera2Api enabled by default.

However, it is not necessary that it’s enabled by default in every smartphone. So in case, you are wondering that if your android smartphones is camera2 API enabled or not then here is the quick way to check it out…

How to Check Camera2 API Support status?

There are many application available on Google play store that allows you to check Camera 2 APi support status.

One such app is Camera2 API probe , you can simply install and run it on your phone and it will give you all the details of Camera2 API supports on your phone.

If it is enabled then congrats! Now you don’t have to enable it manually but in case if it is not enabled then, unfortunately, you have to enable it by yourself.

Don’t worry much about it, Because You can enable it very easily in few seconds and start enjoying GCam APK on your phone.

Sample picture taken from Google camera apk

Download Google Camera Port for all android device

Because of some of the awesome XDA developers like Arnova8G2, BSG, and few others, Latest Google camera Port apk has been ported to work on several android devices.

Below I have listed the most stable and working Google camera port for all the android devices at one place. So, that you can easily find the most suitable Google camera apk for your android device.

Note:  We update this page frequently with new devices. So, in case if your android device is not listed in this list then please check back after some days or you can leave a comment on any of our blog post with your device that we will try our best to find the right Google camera port for your device

Google Camera For Xiaomi Device

Redmi 5Download Google Camera
Redmi Note 3Download Google Camera
Redmi Y1Download Google Camera
Redmi Y2Download Google Camera
Xiaomi MI A1Download Google Camera
Redmi 5ADownload Google Camera
Redmi 6, 6A, 6 proDownload Google Camera
Xiaomi MI A2 LiteDownload Google Camera
Xiaomi MI A2Download Google Camera
Redmi Note 4 Download Google Camera
Redmi Note 5Download Google Camera
Redmi Note 5 proDownload Google Camera
Xiaomi Mi 8Download Google Camera
Xiaomi MI MIX 2sDownload Google Camera
Xiaomi Poco F1Download Google Camera
Redmi K20 ProDownload Google Camera
Redmi K20 Download Google Camera
Xiaomi MI A3 Download Google Camera
Redmi Note 7 Pro Download Google Camera
Redmi Note 7Download Google Camera
Redmi Note 6 ProDownload Google Camera
Redmi 7Download Google Camera

Google Camera For Samsung Device

Galaxy Note 9 Download Google Camera
Galaxy S9+Download Google Camera
Galaxy Note 8 Download Google Camera
Galaxy S9 Download Google Camera
Galaxy A8 plus Download Google Camera
Galaxy J6Download Google Camera
Galaxy J8Download Google Camera
Galaxy J7 Prime Download Google Camera
Galaxy On 7 Download Google Camera
Galaxy J7 Download Google Camera
Galaxy S8 Download Google Camera
Galaxy S7 Download Google Camera
Galaxy S8 plus Download Google Camera
Galaxy S7 Edge Download Google Camera

Google Camera For Oneplus Device

Oneplus 6T Download Google Camera
Oneplus 6Download Google Camera
Oneplus 3 & 3T Download Google Camera
Oneplus 5T Download Google Camera
Oneplus 5 Download Google Camera
OnePlus 7 Download Google Camera
OnePlus 7 proDownload Google Camera

Google Camera For Asus Smartphone

Asus Zenfone 2 & 3 Download Google Camera
Asus Zenfone 5ZDownload Google Camera
Asus Max PRO M1 Download Google Camera
Asus Max Pro M2Download Google Camera

Google Camera For Moto Device

Moto G5s Plus Download Google Camera
Moto G5sDownload Google Camera
Moto G5 Plus Download Google Camera
Moto G4 Plus Download Google Camera
Moto G4 Download Google Camera

Google Camera For Honor Device

Honor 8 pro Download Google Camera
Huawei P10Download Google Camera
Honor View 10 Download Google Camera
Honor 9I Download Google Camera
Honor 6X Download Google Camera
Honor 9 LiteDownload Google Camera
Honor PlayDownload Google Camera
Honor 7X Download Google Camera

Google Camera For LG Device

LG G4 Download Google Camera
LG G5Download Google Camera
LG G6 Download Google Camera
LG G7 Thinq Download Google Camera
LG V20 Download Google Camera

Google Camera Realme Device

Realme 5 ProDownload Google Camera
Realme 5Download Google Camera
Realme XDownload Google Camera
Realme C2Download Google Camera
REalme 3, 3 PRODownload Google Camera
Realme U1Download Google Camera

Google Camera Nokia Device

Nokia 8Download Google Camera
Nokia 5Download Google Camera
Nokia 6Download Google Camera
Nokia 7 PlusDownload Google Camera

How to install Google Camera APK on any android phone?

  1. First of all download the latest stable Google camera app from the above link
  2. Make sure that allowed unknown sources in your developer settings – To check that go to Settings>>Security or Settings>>Additional settings>>Privacy.
  3. Once the Google camera apk is downloaded on your phone, open the app and click on the install button.
  4. Once the installation is successful, Open the google camera app and allow all the permissions as asked.

Google Camera Tips Everyone Can Use

Google camera app playstore, Google camera playstore

Snap photos with the volume buttons:

Till now, you have used the shutter button to click the picture from your phone. But let me tell you that you can click the image in the Google Camera by pressing the Volume Up button.

Take a selfie:

If you are using Google camera for the first time, then it’s obvious you will not be handy with all its option. You might be get puzzled during taking your first selfie from google pixel camera. You have to just tap on the lens toggle button to switch between the front and rear camera lenses.

Set the self-timer:

If you want a group photo including you, then you might be get tensed about who will take your group photo. Don’t worry Google camera offers 10 seconds timer. So, whenever you activate this timer feature you will get 10 seconds to pose for the photo, and after 10-second google pixel camera will automatically click your group Picture.

Take charge of the flash:

Basically, google camera app will fire off the flash whenever it thinks your shot needs a bit more light. But in case if you want to take control of flash in your hand, then it’s very simple. First of all Tap on the overflow button, then tap to the flash button to switch between three settings: auto, on, and off.

Focus where you want to focus:

Whenever you open camera apps to take photo it automatically detects a focal point and adjusts the exposure according to the situation. But if you want to manually focus on a subject then Just tap anywhere on the viewfinder screen to make Google Camera refocus the image and change the exposure level of the image.

Change the exposure manually:

The pixel camera app is very handy and it gives you various mode like Auto and Manual. However, if you are not satisfied with the auto exposure then you can manually set the exposure for an image. You have to just Adjust the slider on the right to lighten or darken a scene. You can drag the slider up or down accordingly to get the best possible results.

Activate High Dynamic Range mode to deal with high-contrast scenes:

If you are trying to capture an image that includes areas of bright light as well as pockets of deep shadow, Then its quite impossible to get well-exposed photo. Sometimes a photo will be overexposed and sometimes photo will be under exposed. In Such situation, you have yo use HDR+ or High dynamic range mode available in google camera apk. To turn on the HDR mode, tap the overflow button, then toggle on the HDR+ setting.

Take a quick look at your most recent snapshots:

If you have just clicked a photo and you want to check how the photo has come, Then you have to just tap on the bubble that appears just above the overflow button. If you are not seeing any bubble then just swipe left on the screen you will get a preview of your latest clicks.

Add some lens blur to your shots:

If you want to add an artistic flourish to your photos. Then by using Google camera’s Lens Blur feature, you can soften the background of the image while leaving the focal point—ideally. It means the focused item will remain sharp and the background will get blur. These days this is one of the trending features in the camera app. To use this effect, swipe in from the left side of the screen to open the effects drawer, and select Lens Blur from there. Now click on the viewfinder to focus on the subject, then tilt your Android device slowly, following the on-screen guide arrow. That’s it it will capture a beautiful portrait shot.

Best Settings For Google Camera Apk

Generally, The google camera app for android does not need kind of configurations. The Google Camera apps have been modified specific for every android device. However, you can play around with Gcam setting and choose the best possible configuration.

HDR+ parameters: For regular user, default is best. The higher setting means highest quality photo, But the drawback is it takes more time to process.

HDR+ image quality: You can change the jpeg compression. A lower value will give you a lower result, but it will also reduce the file size.

HDR+ RAW+JPG: Just saves RAW files.

Correction of auto-exposure HDR: It Controls shutter speed, it May not be 100% stable. It will work best in low light condition with high dynamic range enabled.

HDR+ enhanced for portrait: Slower but gives you better portrait photos.

Disable zoom in portrait mode: It zooms the portrait mode little bit. Nexus 6p.

Model: Photos comes with better details and sharpness, but sometime its noisier.

Slow motion: This won’t works on android oreo. So you can hide the option from Settings > Advanced > Fix Camera API2 > “Disable video slow motion”.

Motion Photos: It requires android device running on Android 8.0 or higher. Google Photos app is mandatory to use motion photos.

Android Oreo users: If you cant see google photos in camera app, go to “Debugging and tools”, uncheck “camera.use_photos” and restart the app.

Frequently Asked Question

How to Enable AR Stickers?

Ar sticker is not working on google camera for android? Don’t worry about it, simply download the below APK files and install it normally as you install other application. The Ar sticker will start working on your google camera app too.

ARCore APK Download

AR Stickers APK Download

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