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Google Camera - Best Camera app For Any Android Device

Are you looking for the best Camera App for your smartphone? Being an Android user, I can’t resist myself from recommending Google Camera App. In this page you will find full guide about How to Download Google camera app for any Android device and all the necessary information regarding Google camera apk.

Do you have any idea why Google Pixel phone are one of the most Popular smartphone in all over the word. The simple answer is their”Camera”. CAMERA of these phone are one of the best features which attracts customers to make a purchase. All the Pixel Phone’s comes with Google Camera.

Google Camera is exclusively available for Pixel and Nexus phone and most of the users are quite impressed and happy with its performances.  Google camera image processing is far ahead from their rival camera apps. Google camera comes with lots of feature and it is one of the best camera when it comes to click HDR and Portrait photo.

Guys as you all know most of the budget phones not comes with good camera. You can’t capture a beautiful picture through those stock camera apps. If you are using Stock camera from the long time on your phone then i would suggest you to try Google camera app, which will give you far better experience than your phone Stock Camera app.

As i told you earlier Google Camera is exclusively available for Pixel and Nexus phone. But thanks to the some of the great android developer who developed Google camera apk for many android devices. You can install Google Camera app without Root on android device.

Now installing google pixel camera on your phone can be little bit different from other Normal Application. But you don’t need to worry about it. In this page you will get complete Details On How to download and Install Google Camera apk on any android device.

Google Camera Features

Google camera app contains numbers of features which can be activate in the google camera setting. So, let me tell you about all its feature one by one.

 HDR+ : HDR means High Dynamic Range. Whenever you take a photo on HDR mode, your camera captures 3 photos instead of one. A photo which is of a normal condition. In the second, your camera exposure means taking photographs by increasing the brightness, so that the details of the dark part are found in the details. And in the third, your camera takes photos by reducing exposure, so that you can get the details of the part which is shining too much. And when these photos get attached to each other, then the final result will get very awesome. That’s the magic of HDR+ in google camera apk.


Motion : This google camera mode is quite similar to iOS’ Live Photo. When we enable this google camera feature a short, silent, video clip of relatively low resolution is paired with the original photo.


Video Stabilization : This techniques is developed by combining Optical Image Stabilization and Electronic/Digital image stabilization, OIS reduces the blurry image capture due to the movement of the user while recording any video, While EIS is completely different from it. In this, the problems are solved at the programming level. EIS is quite popular these days because it is light and less expensive and with improvement in algorithms used for stabilization image degradation is minimal.


Smartburst : Smartburst mode is commonly known as continuous shooting mode, sports mode or continuous high speed mode, You have to just hold down the shutter button. In few second it will continuously capture upto 10 photo and give you one best captured photo as a result.


Image Location : When you enable this feature in google pixel camera, it will get information of location through Gps and the location details will be added to pictures and videos.


 Slow Motion : It has the ability to capture high-speed video, up to 120 frames per second (FPS) at 768 X 512, and on some supported devices, 240 frames per second too.


 Panorama : The panorama mode let you capture the world in avery unique way. After selecting Panorama mode, a screen will be created in your screen and the arrows will also be created all around. Now, by which side of the photo you want to take, keep moving your phone gradually by pressing the shutter button below. The camera will take all the pictures one by one and later adding all the photos together will make a big image which is better than usual.


 Photo Sphere : Photo sphere is an panoramic image which can be taken through google camera app. This feature lets you take 360-degree images of anything around you, and even share it on Google Maps.


 Portrait : Portrait mode is a trending DSLR camera feature which allows you to capture image with blur background. This mode is also known as Bokeh Mode. Whenever you take a photo from the phone’s camera, the background and subject (whose photo is being taken) are both in focus. But in Bokeh Mode only the Focused object will be in focus and background will be blurred.


 AR Stickers : This feature was launched in 2017 during Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 Xl launch. R stands for augmented reality. With the help of Ar sticker, photos and videos can be recorded by placing virtual objects on real surfaces through this feature.

Google Camera Apk Download

Friends as i told you earlier Google camera app is only available for Google pixel phone. But thanks to the the android developer who develop the Gcam mod apk for almost every android devices. You can directly download google camera apk (APK file) from our website. The link is provided at the top of this page. This will works on all android device which runs on android 4.0+

But if you want to use the latest Google camera app which gives you access to do advance level of photography Like portrait mode on front cam, HD video record support, high frame rate and Much more then you have to first enable the Camera2API on your phone, after that you can enjoy all the features of the Google Camera on your phone.

Don’t worry about the Future OTA update and warranty issue. Because you don’t need to root your device you can enable camera2API without rooting your phone. Below i am going to share the guide for How to download latest Gcam apk and install it on any android device.


Google camera App Download : Here is the list of all android devices in which gcam mod is supported. All you have to do is search for your Mobile device in the search box given at right corner. Once you find your device in the list just click on Download now button. There you will get a complete guide to download and install Gcam apk.

S.No ********************************** Device Name ********************************** Version ********************************** Download Link **********************************
1.Xiaomi Poco F1 Now
2.Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro Now
3.Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Now
4.Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Now
5.Xiaomi Mi A1 Now
6.Xiaomi Mi A2 Now
7.Xiaomi Mi 8 Now
8.Xiaomi Redmi 5A Now
9.Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s Now
10.Xiaomi Redmi 6/6A/Pro Now
11.Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Now
12.Xiaomi Redmi Y2 Now
13.Xiaomi Redmi Y15.2.022.191678196Download Now
14.Xiaomi Redmi Now
15.Xiaomi Redmi Mi A2 Lite Now
16.Samsung Galaxy J75.2.022.191678196Download Now
17.Samsung Galaxy S95.1.011.170395186Download Now
18.Samsung Galaxy On7 Now
19. Samsung Galaxy A8+ 2018 Now
20.Oneplus Now
21.Oneplus Now
22.Oneplus 5t Now
23.Oneplus 6t5.2.025.198487658Download Now
24.Samsung J7 Prime Now
25.Samsung Galaxy J65.2.019.188906351Download Now
26.Samsung Galaxy J85.1.016.174405463Download Now
27.Honor 8 Pro5.1.016.174405463Download Now
28.Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus5.2.025.198487658Download Now
29.Samsung galaxy S7 edge5.0.009.165387063Download Now
30.Asus zenfone max pro m1 Now
31.Asus zenfone 5z5.2.019.188906351Download Now
32.Asus zenfone 3 Now
33.Asus zenfone Now
34.Oneplus 3t5.2.019.188906351Download Now
35.Moto G5S Plus5.0.009.165387063Download Now
36.Moto G5s Now
37.Moto G4 Plus5.1.016.174405463Download Now
38.Moto G45.1.016.174405463Download Now
39.Moto G5 Plus Now
40.Oneplus Now
41.Samsung Galaxy S85.0.009.165387063Download Now
42.Samsung Galaxy s75.0.009.165387063Download Now
43.Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus5.0.009.165387063Download Now
44.Huawei P105.0.009.165387063Download Now
45.Honor View 10 Now
46.Honor 9i Now
47.Honor 6x5.0.009.165387063Download Now
48.Honor 9 lite5.2.025.198487658Download Now
49.Honor Play Now
50.Honor 7x5.0.009.165387063Download Now
51.LG G4 Now
52.LG G55.2.025.198487658Download Now
53.LG G65.0.009.165387063Download Now
54.LG G7 ThinQ Now
55.LG V205.2.025.198487658Download Now
56.Samsung Galaxy Note Now
57.Samsung Galaxy S9+ Now
58.Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Now

Google Camera Tips Everyone Can Use

Snap photos with the volume buttons:

Till Now, you have used the shutter button to click the picture from your phone. But let me tell you that you can click the image in the Google Camera by pressing the Volume Up button.

Take a selfie:

If you are using Google camera for the first time, then it’s obvious you will not be handy with all its option. You might be get puzzled during taking your first selfie from google pixel camera. You have to just tap on the the lens toggle button to switch between the front and rear camera lenses.

Set the self timer:

If you want a group photo including you, then you might be get tensed about who will take your group photo. Don’t worry Google camera offers 10 seconds timer. So, whenever you activate this timer feature you will get 10 seconds to pose for the photo, and after 10 second google pixel camera will automatically clicks your group Picture.

Take charge of the flash:

Basically, google camera app will fire off the flash whenever it thinks your shot needs a bit more light. But in case if you want to take control of flash in your hand, then it’s very simple. First of all Tap on the overflow button, then tap to the flash button to switch between three settings: auto, on, and off.

Focus where you want to focus:

Whenever you open camera apps to take photo it automatically detect a focal point and adjust the exposure according to the situation. But if you want to manually focus on a subject then Just tap anywhere on the viewfinder screen to make Google Camera refocus the image and change the exposure level of the image.

Change the exposure manually:

The pixel camera app is very handy and it gives you various mode like Auto and Manual. However if you are not satisfied with the auto exposure then you can manually set the exposure for a image. You have to just Adjust the slider on the right to lighten or darken a scene. You can drag the slider up or down accordingly to get the best possible results.

Activate High Dynamic Range mode to deal with high-contrast scenes:

If you are trying to capture a image that includes areas of bright light as well as pockets of deep shadow, Then its quite impossible to get good exposed photo. Sometimes photo will be over exposed and sometimes photo will be under exposed. In Such situation you have yo use HDR+ or High dynamic range mode available in google camera apk. To turn on the HDR mode, tap the overflow button, then toggle on the HDR+ setting.

Take a quick look at your most recent snapshots:

If you have just clicked a photo and you want to check how the photo has came, Then you have to just tap on the bubble that appears just above the overflow button. If you are not seeing any bubble then just swipe left on the screen you will get preview of your latest clicks.

Add some lens blur to your shots:

If you want to add an artistic flourish to your photos. Then by using Google camera’s Lens Blur feature you can soften the background of image while leaving the focal point—ideally. It means the focused item will remain sharp and background will get blur. These days this is one of the trending feature in camera app. To use this effect, swipe in from the left side of the screen to open the effects drawer, and select Lens Blur from there. Now click on the viewfinder to focus on the subject, then tilt your Android device slowly, following the on-screen guide arrow. That’s it it will capture a beautiful portrait shot.

Best Settings For Google Camera Apk

Generally, The google camera app for android do not need kind of configurations. The Google Camera apps have been modified specific for every android device. However you can play around with Gcam setting and choose the best possible configuration.

HDR+ parameters: For regular user default is best. Higher setting means highest quality photo, But the drawback is it takes more time to process.

HDR+ image quality: You can change the jpeg compression. Lower value will gives you lower result, but it will also reduce the file size.

HDR+ RAW+JPG: Just saves RAW files.

Correction of auto-exposure HDR: It Controls shutter speed, it May not be 100% stable. It will works best in low light condition with high dynamic range enabled.

HDR+ enhanced for portrait: Slower, but gives you better portrait photos.

Disable zoom in portrait mode: It zooms the portrait mode little bit. Nexus 6p.

Model: Photos comes with better details and sharpness, but sometime its noisier.

Slow motion: This won’t works on android oreo. So you can hide the option from Settings > Advanced > Fix Camera API2 > “Disable video slow motion”.

Motion Photos: It requires android device running on Android 8.0 or higher. Google Photos app is mandatory to use motion photos.

Android Oreo users: If you cant see google photos in camera app, go to “Debugging and tools”, uncheck “camera.use_photos” and restart the app.

Frequently Asked Question

How to Enable AR Stickers?

Guys, Ar sticker is not working on google camera for android? Don’t worry about it, simply download the below APK files and install it normally as you install other application. The Ar sticker will start working on your google camera app too.

ARCore APK Download

AR Stickers APK Download

What is the difference between Gcam old version and Gcam latest version?

Old version is pretty good camera app which comes with some basic features like Lens blur and Panorama. But if you download latest gcam apk then you will get some advance features like Front portrait, Wide angle, slow motion up to 120 frames per second (FPS) at 768 X 512.

This site is completely dedicated to Google camera app users who want to click beautiful portrait, Wide angle shot, Panorama shot and record videos in 4k quality. Just download The Gcam apk from our website and capture the word with you smartphone.