Google Camera App Play Store – Download Latest Google camera Without root

Do you want to download the Google camera app from Play store?? Well, Google camera is an amazing camera application that comes prebuilt with Pixel and android one phones.

Google camera has always been in limelight because of some of its unique feature, Whether it is Portrait mode, HDR mode, Lens Blur mode or the latest Night Sight mode which has made possible to take the amazing bright picture in very low light condition.

Earlier google camera was available on Play store but due to some reason now it is not available on Playstore. But don’t worry about in this article I am going to share with you how to download google camera app without play store.

All thanks to the ARNOVAG2 Mods, BSG camera Mods for all the effort they put in to create Google camera port for every possible smartphone.

So, in case if the stock camera of your smartphone is not good then you can download Google camera app from here and take much better picture with your existing smartphone camera.

Google Camera Interesting Features

Google camera app contains numbers of features which can be activated from the google camera setting. So, let me tell you about all its feature one by one.

 HDR+: HDR means High Dynamic Range. Whenever you take a photo on HDR mode, your camera captures 3 photos instead of one. A photo which is of a normal condition. In the second, your camera exposure means taking photographs by increasing the brightness, so that the details of the dark part are found in the details. And in the third, your camera takes photos by reducing exposure, so that you can get the details of the part which is shining too much. And when these photos get merged with each other, then the magic happens.

Motion: This google camera mode is quite similar to iOS’ Live Photo. When you enable this google camera feature a short, silent, video clip of relatively low resolution is paired with the original photo.

Video Stabilization: This technique is developed by combining Optical Image Stabilization and Electronic/Digital image stabilization, Where OIS reduces the blurry image capture due to the movement of the user while recording any video, While EIS is completely different from it. In this, the problems are solved at the programming level. EIS is quite popular these days because it is light and less expensive and with improvement in algorithms used for stabilization image degradation is minimal.

Smart burstSmartburst mode is commonly known as continuous shooting mode, sports mode or continuous high-speed mode, you have to just hold down the shutter button. In few seconds it will continuously capture up to 10 photos and give you one best captured photo as a result.

Image Location: When you enable this feature in google pixel camera, it will get information of location through Gps and the location details will be added to pictures and videos.

 Slow Motion: It has the ability to capture high-speed video, up to 120 frames per second (FPS) at 768 X 512, and on some supported devices, 240 frames per second too.

 Panorama: The panorama mode let you capture the world in a very unique way. After selecting Panorama mode, a screen will be created in your screen and the arrows will also be created all around. Now, by which side of the photo you want to take, keep moving your phone gradually by pressing the shutter button below. The camera will take all the pictures one by one and later adding all the photos together will make a big image which is better than usual.

 Photo Sphere: Photo sphere is a panoramic image which can be taken through the google camera app. This feature lets you take 360-degree images of anything around you, and even share it on Google Maps.

 Portrait: Portrait mode is a trending DSLR camera feature which allows you to capture an image with blur background. This mode is also known as Bokeh Mode. Whenever you take a photo from the phone’s camera, the background and subject (whose photo is being taken) are both in focus. But in Bokeh Mode, only the Focused object will be in focus and background will be blurred.

 AR Stickers: This feature was launched in 2017 during Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 Xl launch. AR stands for augmented reality. With the help of Ar sticker, photos and videos can be recorded by placing virtual objects on real surfaces through this feature.

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Night Sight Mode: Night sight mode is the highly anticipated feature of google camera that launched with the Pixel 3 devices this year. Basically, this mode allows the user to click a picture in a dark environment and the camera software will turn the picture into a bright and noiseless picture without making use of any flashlight… Yeah, that’s amazing…

Download and Install Google Camera Playstore

To install the Google Camera app on most of the android device, your phone needs to be camera2API enabled. There are many apps available on google play store like this one which lets you check is camera2API enabled on your device or not.

Sample Picture Taken From Google Camera App

Download and Install Google Camera

This latest Gcam mode also comes with the highly anticipated night sight feature along with the most of Google Pixel 3 camera features including HDR+, Portrait mode, Slow motion video recording, Photosphere, lens blur, etc.

Here is the direct download link of Google camera. You can click on given below button to start downloading.

Latest Update – Here is the good news, Google camera is back on Play store… Click on the below button to download Google camera directly from Play store.

How To install Google Camera App On your phone

  • First of all uninstall the old version of gcam apk, in case you are using if not then you are good to go.
  • Now from the smart manager clean up the memory (Ya, sometimes it is necessary)
  • Now you have to enable unknown sources on your android device. Go to Setting > Security and check the option “Unknown sources
  • Now Install the Google camera apk, as you install any other normal app on your phone.
  • Congrats!! You have successfully installed LG V30 google camera.
  • After the installation is complete, run Google Camera App
  • Done!

Guys, in case portrait mode option is not showing on your phone then you don’t have to worry about it. Just go to Google camera setting >Advance and enable Portrait mode option, After that just restart the google camera app, Now you will get portrait mode on your phone

Google camera for Other devices:

Conclusion: Latest Google Camera

That’s all you should know regarding the downloading and installation process of Google camera play store. If you have still any doubt or queries then please comment down below. We would love to help you.

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