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[No Root] Google Camera For Redmi Note 4 – Front Portrait

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Here is a complete guide On How to download and install Google camera For Redmi Note 4

Do you have any idea Why Google pixel phones are favourite of everyone? The simple answer is “Their camera”. Camera is one of the most powerful and attracting feature of Google Pixel devices. All the pixel devices comes with Google camera which comes with many inbuilt feature and it is one of the most powerful camera application.

Google camera is far better than any other stock camera, Do you know pixel devices comes with a single camera while these days other smartphones are mostly comes with Dual camera. Still Picture taken from Google pixel camera is much better than Other devices. It is all because of the Google expertise in the image processing.

Recently Xiaomi Launched Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, There is no doubt this one is the best devices from xiaomi in this budget. I am quite impressed with this new device. If you have bought Redmi Note 4 and you are not happy with the camera quality or you want to make your camera even more better, Then Being an Android user, I can’t resist myself from recommending Google Camera App for Redmi Note 4.

Firstly, let me clear this to you, Google pixel camera or Gcam is exclusively available for Pixel devices Only. But thanks to the developers who created so many Gcam mod, which work on most of the android phone. Now here is a good news for You Finally Google camera app is available for Redmi Note 4.

In this guide we are going to show you How to Download Google camera on Redmi Note 4. Don’t worry about downloading and installing process because will share the easiest guide to download Redmi Note 4 Google Camera.


Google Camera Interesting Features


Google camera app contains numbers of features which can be activate in the google camera setting. So, let me tell you about all its feature one by one.

 HDR+ : HDR means High Dynamic Range. Whenever you take a photo on HDR mode, your camera captures 3 photos instead of one. A photo which is of a normal condition. In the second, your camera exposure means taking photographs by increasing the brightness, so that the details of the dark part are found in the details. And in the third, your camera takes photos by reducing exposure, so that you can get the details of the part which is shining too much. And when these photos get attached to each other, then the final result will get very awesome. That’s the magic of HDR+ in google camera apk.


Motion : This google camera mode is quite similar to iOS’ Live Photo. When we enable this google camera feature a short, silent, video clip of relatively low resolution is paired with the original photo.


Video Stabilization : This techniques is developed by combining Optical Image Stabilization and Electronic/Digital image stabilization, OIS reduces the blurry image capture due to the movement of the user while recording any video, While EIS is completely different from it. In this, the problems are solved at the programming level. EIS is quite popular these days because it is light and less expensive and with improvement in algorithms used for stabilization image degradation is minimal.


Smartburst : Smartburst mode is commonly known as continuous shooting mode, sports mode or continuous high speed mode, You have to just hold down the shutter button. In few second it will continuously capture upto 10 photo and give you one best captured photo as a result.


Image Location : When you enable this feature in google pixel camera, it will get information of location through Gps and the location details will be added to pictures and videos.


 Slow Motion : It has the ability to capture high-speed video, up to 120 frames per second (FPS) at 768 X 512, and on some supported devices, 240 frames per second too.


 Panorama : The panorama mode let you capture the world in avery unique way. After selecting Panorama mode, a screen will be created in your screen and the arrows will also be created all around. Now, by which side of the photo you want to take, keep moving your phone gradually by pressing the shutter button below. The camera will take all the pictures one by one and later adding all the photos together will make a big image which is better than usual.


 Photo Sphere : Photo sphere is an panoramic image which can be taken through google camera app. This feature lets you take 360-degree images of anything around you, and even share it on Google Maps.


 Portrait : Portrait mode is a trending DSLR camera feature which allows you to capture image with blur background. This mode is also known as Bokeh Mode. Whenever you take a photo from the phone’s camera, the background and subject (whose photo is being taken) are both in focus. But in Bokeh Mode only the Focused object will be in focus and background will be blurred.


 AR Stickers : This feature was launched in 2017 during Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 Xl launch. R stands for augmented reality. With the help of Ar sticker, photos and videos can be recorded by placing virtual objects on real surfaces through this feature.



Download and Install Google Camera for Redmi Note 4

Point to be noted, To install Google camera apk on any android device, First of all you need to enable Camera2API feature. Once the Camera2API feature is enabled on your android device you can download Google Camera and start enjoying their Features like HDR+, Front and Rear Portrait, Etc. Now you might be thinking you have to root your phone. No..No…

You can enable camera2APi without rooting your phone. All you need a phone with Unlock Bootloader.If you don’t know how to unlock the bootloader then read this guide.  Here in this guide, we are sharing the two different way to run the Google camera on Redmi Note 4. You can follow any one of them according to your preference to enable camera2API and EIS on Xiaomi Redmi Note 4. In first method all you have to do is run One file on your windows pc to enable camera2APi on Xiaomi redmi note 4 and in other one you have to enter all the commands manually to Enable Camera2API, EIS, and Google Camera On Redmi Note 4.


Sample Picture Taken From Google Camera App


How To check Camera2APi is enabled on your device or not?

So, as i told you earlier you have to first enable camera2API on your device in order to use google camera app. So, first of it is necessary to check is Camera2API enabled on your device or Not.

To do this open the Google play store and install a free application called Manual Camera Compatibility. After installing this app all you have to is run the app check the result. If all the results are showing in green (√) it means camera2api is enabled on your device and you don’t have to manually install it on your phone. You can just download Google camera for Redmi note 4 from our website and enjoy the app. But if it shows any cross (×) result it means you have to manually install Google camera2api. Just follow the given steps to enable camera2API on your phone.


Download these file in order to enable camera2APi


METHOD 1 :- Enable Camera2API, EIS, and Gcam Using One Click Tool

1. First of all download the  G Cam Tool Here and extract it on your windows computer.


2. Now you have to enable USB debugging and OEM unlock on your phone.


3. Go to Settings > About Phone > scroll to the bottom > tap Build number seven (7) times. This will enable developer option of your phone.


4. Now go back to setting > Additional settings > Developer option > Enable USB debugging and OEM Unlock.


5. Now you have to switch off your Phone and Boot redmi note 4 in fastboot mode.

 Hold Volume Down + Power button to boot your phone in fastboot mode.


6. Connect your phone with Pc through USB cable.


7. Now you have to open the G cam tool folder and run the [G-CAM TOOL]1.4.cmd file once.


8. Now you have to just follow the instruction given on your screen, They are pretty basic you can follow them by yourself.


9. Once it’s done your device will auto reboot and the tool will enable the API.


That’s it now you can install the Gcam mod or you can say Google camera for redmi Note 4.


Now let’s move to the one method to enable Camera2API on your android device.

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METHOD 2 :- Enable Camera2API, EIS, and Gcam Using command.

1. First of all extract the SDK Platform-Tools on your windows computer and paste TWRP image file (twrp.img) on the folder.   


TWRP redmi note 5 pro


2. Now you have to enable USB debugging and OEM unlock on your phone.


3. Go to Settings > About Phone > scroll to the bottom > tap Build number seven (7) times. This will enable developer option of your phone.


4. Now go back to setting > Additional settings > Developer option > Enable USB debugging and OEM Unlock.


5. Now you have to connect your phone with Pc and Allow USB debugging on popup window on your phone.


6. Now open the SDK platform tool folder, hold the shift key on keyboard and right click on your mouse on the empty space in the folder and select “Open command window here”.

Open Command Prompt Window

7. Now enter the following commands to check your device is properly connected with your computer or not.It will show your Your android phone serial number and Connection status.

adb devices

adb devices

8. Now you have to enter the given below commands to boot your phone into fastboot mode.

adb reboot bootloader

adb reboot bootloader

9. Now as your phone is in the Fastboot mode, Enter the following commands to boot the TWRP.

fastboot boot twrp.img

fastboot boot twrp


10. Now your phone will be finally boot into TWRP mode. On the TWRP screen, Tap on the“Keep Read Only” and leave the phone as it is.


We don’t need to do anything from the recovery mode, Just leave your phone as it is.

11. Now just go back to the Command Prompt and enter the following command to check the connectivity between you computer and android phone.

adb devices

It will show your Your android phone serial number and Connection status.

twrp adb devices


12. Now you have to edit the build prop to add a line which enables Camera2API on the your phone. Just enter the given below command.

adb shell

adb shell


13. Once the shell is opened you have to add a line for enabling Camera2api, Just copy paste the given below commands in command window and hit enter.

setprop 1



14. Now just type “exit” command to exit from the adb shell.


exit adb shell

15. All steps are done, you have to just reboot your phone. Just enter the given below command to Reboot your phone.

adb reboot

adb reboot


Congratulation guys, Once the device will boot up it will be Camera2api enabled and the TWRP which we booted above will be removed. Now you can install the Google camera on your phone and it will work perfectly.

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Video tutorial For How to enable camera2APi and install Google camera on Redmi note 4.



Download Google Camera APP On Redmi Note 4

Here is the direct download link of Google camera For Redmi Note 4.


How To install Google Camera App On Redmi Note 4?

  • First of all download Google camera For Redmi Note 4 from the link given above.
  • Now you have to enable unknown sources on your android device. Go to Setting > Security and check the option “Unknown sources
  • Now Install the Google camera apk For Redmi Note 4 , as you install any other normal app on your phone.
  • Congrats!! You have successfully installed Google camera On Redmi Note 4.

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What’s better in Gcam than Stock App of  Xiaomi Redmi Note 4?

By installing Google camera For Redmi Note 4, I am 100% sure the picture quality can be greatly enhanced. However always remember that by just installing Redmi Note 4 Google Camera will not create magic. You might need to fine-tune certain settings to get that perfect picture. 

First thing first Gcam mod have Both portrait mode that means you take beautiful portrait shots from Rear camera as well as Selfie camera too. Secondly what i noticed that the colour balancing after Gcam that was more accurate than the stock camera. Especially stock camera with ai mode on, it makes photo colourful.

However you may like the colourful photos taken with ai mode, But the picture taken from Google camera app seems to be more accurate color in real life.  That’s why i would suggest you to use Google camera For Redmi Note 4 instead of stock camera.


How to Enable AR Stickers?

Guys, Ar sticker is not working on Google camera On Xiaomi Redmi Note 4? Don’t worry about it, simply download the below APK files and install it normally as you install other application. The Ar sticker will start working on your google camera app too.

ARCore APK Download

AR Stickers APK Download


Conclusion: Latest Google Camera for Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

That’s all you should now regarding the download and installation process of Google camera For Redmi Note 4. If you have still any doubt or queries then please comment down below. We would love to clear your doubts.

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